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© 2019 by Dottobow. All Rights Reserved. Characters & relevant concepts in fanwork pieces belong to their respective owners. 


Tatiana Tufánova 

D.O.B: September 4

Mascot: テングモウミウシ | Costasiella Kuroshimae | Sea Sheep

Role: scriptwriter, visual developer, storyboard-artist, sketch-artist, interpreter 
Short bio: Fussy perfectionist. A goal-oriented little sea sheep with ambitious plans how to take over the world! A bit of a worrywart, that's why valerians is their e v e r y t h i n g (ↂↄ̫ↂ) 

Just adore sea theme, insects, curry+miso and a country's national identity. Despite of being sweetie in appearance, they used to deafen neighbors with folk rock n' symphonic metal bands all day long. Master! ♫ Apprentice! ♬

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Expie Ai

D.O.B: November 20

Mascot: シール怠いパンダ | Sealazy Panda
Role: visual developer, storyboard-corrector, anatomy-editor, colorist
Short bio: Gold for the Gold God! Also, it’s always a good time for some laziness~

*coughs* they're re-e-e-ally trying to fight it *coughs*. Oh no, nevermind! They're terribly sleepy after eating, again :'/ Not very picky with anything, as long as it’s adorable, convenient, yummy and enjoyable. 

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D.O.B: April 3

Mascot: 悪魔のぬいぐるみ | Toy Devil 
Role: scriptwriter
Short bio: a toy devil, made of chocolate sweets mixed with pepper, rosehip prickles and marvelous jokes. They love eating KFC food, winter walking and tinkering with small things.

Try to pat it - they won't bite for sure. Unless they could steal your heart, but that isn't the problem, is it?  

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D.O.B: March 29

Mascot: 鳥 | Birdie 
Role: in doubt
Short bio: they're still tryin' to figure this section out

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